ELV & Allied Services

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) & System Integration Services

Extra Low Voltage (ELV)& Allied Services

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) & System Integration Services

In the realm of audio visual services, ELV solutions stand out as foundational elements. Operating at voltages typically below 50 volts AC or 120 volts DC, these systems are pivotal for diverse applications. They play an integral role in modern commercial buildings, ensuring seamless IT infrastructure management services and enhancing overall functionality.

S Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems

Our ELV services offer a comprehensive range of security solutions. From CCTV cameras and fire alarm systems to advanced access control mechanisms, we ensure top-tier security. Leveraging digital signage installation services, we also provide visual alerts and information displays, enhancing safety measures.

B Building Management Systems

Advanced Building Management System Integration

Our ELV services seamlessly integrate with building management systems, offering holistic control over lighting, HVAC, and more. As a testament to our expertise in system integration services, we ensure efficient energy management and optimal building operations.

P Public Addressal Systems

Public Addressal Systems

These systems provide clear and audible announcements for routine information dissemination and emergency evacuation procedures.

A Access Control Systems

Modern Access Control Systems

Harness the power of cutting-edge technologies with our access control solutions. From RFID cards and biometric scanners to keyless entry systems, we provide robust security measures, ensuring regulated access in both commercial and residential settings.

What is Extra-Low Voltage or ELV Systems?

Extra-Low Voltage Systems (ELV) are integral to modern buildings, encompassing various systems operating on low voltages. These systems offer essential services vital for both residential and commercial structures, ranging from security provisions to connectivity solutions. ELV systems are diverse, comprising multiple subsystems that collectively cater to the building’s requirements. Modern ELV designs prioritize integration for ease of management and cost efficiency.

Key features of ELV systems include their use of Internet Protocol for communication, an open architecture format, user-friendly mobile apps, and management software.

The sub-systems or components of ELV systems encompass:

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Security System

  • Integrated Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Card Access Management System (CAMS)
  • Lift Access Control System
  • Visitor Management System (VMS)
  • Emergency Panic Button & Intercom System
  • Alarm Security System

Network Solutions

  • WAN & LAN Wired and Wireless Network Solutions
  • Server & Storage
  • ICT And Service System

Audio-Visual Systems

  • Public Addressal System (PA)
  • Audio Video Intercom System
  • ICT, Structue Cabling & FTTH
  • Stage Lighting & Curtain

Why choose Vallect as a system integrator for ELV Systems?

1)Expertise: Vallect specializes in ELV system integration services for sectors like telecommunications, security, and surveillance. Our seasoned team of engineers and technicians excel in designing and constructing ELV systems. We prioritize comprehensive testing and monitoring to ensure optimal functionality.

2) Scalability and Flexibility: Our ELV solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible, allowing clients to easily adapt their systems as their needs change. This flexibility is particularly important for businesses that are constantly evolving and expanding.

3) Cost-Effectiveness:We offer a range  of ELV solutions that cater to a variety of budgets. We also work closely with clients to develop cost-effective solutions that meet their specific business needs and requirements.

4)Customer Service: Exceptional customer service is of paramount importance for us. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are always available to address any issues, provide support,training and provide resolutions so you can make the most out of their  ELV solutions.

Showcasing Our ELV & Allied Projects

Project Snapshoots - ELV Installation

Dive into our portfolio to explore a myriad of ELV solutions and allied services. Each project reflects our commitment to innovation, quality, and the expertise of our seasoned system integration professionals.

Our Onboarding Process

Initial Consultation

Clients initiate contact with Vallect through various means. Based on the discussion, Vallect recommends the most suitable system integration services.

Planning, Design & Proposal

Vallect's team collaborates with the client to design a tailored integration solution. Afterward, a detailed proposal is provided, outlining the scope, timelines, and costs.

Project & Quality Assurance

Vallect team starts the implementation of the chosen solutions, rigorous testing ensures that the solutions meet the client's expectations and work optimally.

Training, Handover & Support

We train the client's team on the new systems, ensuring they can utilize them fully. Additionally, Vallect offers ongoing support to address any challenges.

Feedback & Review

After the project's completion, Vallect seeks feedback to understand the client's experience and make necessary improvements.

Projects Highlights

Dive into a visual journey of digital transformations, powered by our innovative system integration services. Each project is a testament to the expertise and creativity of our subject matter specialists in audio-visual systems, unified communication, lighting control, led videowall and building management systems.

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In Search of Comprehensive ELV & Allied Services?

Your quest ends here. From advanced audio visual services to state-of-the-art digital signage installation services, we are at the forefront of ELV solutions, ready to transform your infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is ELV?

ELV stands for Extra Low Voltage, referring to electrical systems and equipment that operate at a very low voltage level, typically below 50 volts AC or 120 volts DC.

How do ELV services enhance building management systems?

ELV services can seamlessly integrate with building management systems, providing control over lighting, HVAC, and other essential building functions, ensuring efficient energy management and optimal operations.

What security solutions are offered under ELV services?

Our ELV services encompass a range of security solutions, including CCTV cameras, fire alarm systems, access control mechanisms, burglar alarms, and perimeter security systems.

How do your ELV solutions integrate with digital signage?

We leverage digital signage installation services to provide visual alerts and information displays, enhancing safety measures and communication within a facility.

Can ELV systems be customized based on specific requirements?

Absolutely! Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and tailor ELV solutions accordingly, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

How do ELV services contribute to energy savings?

By integrating with building management systems, ELV services ensure efficient energy management, optimizing lighting, HVAC, and other building functions to reduce energy consumption.

What makes Vallect stand out in providing ELV & Allied Services?

Vallect’s commitment to innovation, quality, and expertise in system integration services positions us as a leading provider of ELV and allied solutions.

How can I get started with Vallect's ELV & Allied Services?

Reach out to our team through the contact page, and we’ll guide you through the process, understanding your needs, and proposing a solution tailored for you.

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